How can I attend lectures and lab sessions?

ADA will be run as a hybrid offline/online course: Lectures (Wed 8:15-10:00) will take place in the Rolex Forum. Additionally, the lectures will be live-streamed on Zoom, as well as recorded and made available here on the course website the day after the lecture at the latest. Lab sessions (Fri 13:15-15:00) will be held online only.

For details on how to connect via Zoom, please refer to the communication guidelines.


Teaching assistants (TAs; PhD students)

  • Akhil Arora
  • Anastasiia Kucherenko
  • Ekaterina Svikhnushina
  • Halima Schede
  • Kristina Gligorić
  • Manoel Horta Ribeiro
  • Marija Šakota
  • Martin Josifoski
  • Paola Mejia
  • Valentin Hartmann
  • Vinitra Swamy

Student assistants (SAs; MS students)

  • Alexander Apostolov
  • Francesco Posa
  • Giorgio Mannarini
  • Léopaul Boesinger
  • Lin Yuan
  • Ludovica Schaerf
  • Matthias Zeller
  • Neil Scheidwasser-Clow
  • Pierre Bouquet



The first edition of ADA took place in Fall 2016, created and taught by Michele Catasta. Over the years, the class has evolved from the starting point of that first edition, and a significant chunk of the material is still based on Michele’s original version. I am deeply obliged to Michele for laying this foundation.