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Lecture 01 - Intro to ADA

Lecture 02 - Handling Data

Lecture 03 - V for Variety

Lecture 04 - Data Visualization

Lecture 05 - Read the Stats Carefully

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Tentative lecture schedule

Week Date of Monday Lecture Lab Session
1 2018-09-17 Intro Intro to tools
2 2018-09-24 Handling data Pandas
3 2018-10-01 V for variety Talk: Claudiu Musat (Swisscom)
4 2018-10-08 Visualization Visualization, Data cluedo
5 2018-10-15 Read the stats carefully Cluster, Projects
6 2018-10-22 Scaling up TBD
7 2018-10-29 Observational studies TBD
8 2018-11-05 Supervised learning TBD
9 2018-11-12 Applied ML TBD
10 2018-11-19 Unsupervised learning TBD
11 2018-11-26 TBD TBD
12 2018-12-03 Handling text TBD
13 2018-12-10 Handling text TBD
14 2018-12-17 Handling graphs TBD


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