Lab administator

PhD students

  • Tiziano Piccardi
  • Fu-Yin Cherng (co-advised with Pierre Dillenbourg)

MSc students

  • Alexis Semple (thesis project with Teralytics)
  • Baptiste Raemy (thesis project with Swisscom)
  • Bojan Karlaš (thesis project, co-advised with Ce Zhang, ETHZ)
  • Cristina Menghini (thesis project)
  • Emanuele Bugliarello (semester project)
  • Fearnley Martin (semester project with Swisscom)
  • Gael Lederrey (thesis project)
  • John Rahmon (thesis project with Frontiers)
  • Josselin Vallée (semester project)
  • Pierre Colombo (semester project with Swisscom)
  • Seth Vanderwilt (semester project)